What / you usually have for breakfast?  / you have breakfast with other people?, / you have a best friend? What / he or she do?, / you have any brothers or sisters? How old / they?, / you often stressed? What / you do to relax?, How often / you listen to music? What kind of music / you like?, What / your mother look like? / you look like her?, How often / you eat out? / you prefer cooking or going to a restaurant?, / you have a favourite aunt or uncle? Where / he or she live?, / you like doing exercise or sport? what / do? How often / do it?, What / your parents do in their free time? / you have similar hobbies?, What phone / you have? How / you usually communicate with your friends?, Where / you usually go with your friends? What / you do there?, How many people / you live with? / you house big or small?, / you watch films at home or in the cinema? What kind of films / you like?, How / you come to class? / you often use public transport? What kind / you use?.

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