1) They ___________________ computer ganes when the lights went on a) was playing b) were playing c) play d) played 2) We _________________ the fire when we got home a) noticed b) notice c) were noticed d) notices 3) Sonia listened about the plane crash while she _________________________ the news a) listened b) listens c) was listening d) were listening 4) We ____________________ to Evie when my phone rang a) talking b) talked c) talkeds d) were talking 5) My parents ______________________________ at the universiy in 1935 a) meet b) met c) mets d) were meeting 6) I ________________________ my phone while Oliver _______________________ a text message a) dropped/was sending b) droped/send c) was dropped/was sending d) droppes/sends 7) I _____________________________ to France last year a) goes b) goed c) go d) went 8) While Tessa ________________ the weather the phone ______________ a) was watched/rings b) was watching/rang c) watched/rang d) were watching/ringing 9) We ______________ a starnge light while we ________________- a) saw/were driving b) seed/was driving c) saw/drove d) seeing/driving 10) While they __________________________ snowballs, they____________________ a window a) were throw/broke b) throw/break c) were throwing/broke d) throws/breaks

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