1) I want _________ home now. a) to go b) going 2) I can't imagine ________ in a different country. a) to live b) living 3) I like _______ for a walk after lunch. a) going  b) to go 4) I don't mind _______ to school. a) going b) to go 5) She promised __________ me with my homework. a) to help b) helping 6) They finished _________ the room yesterday. a) to paint b) painting 7) They agreed ________ all the dishes. a) to wash b) washing 8) I forgot ________ the letters. a) to post b) posting 9) He started _________ German last month. a) to study b) studying 10) He tries _______ over the fence every day. a) to jump b) jumping 11) I've decided ________ new shoes. a) to buy b) buying 12) He stopped _________. (Přestal) a) smoking b) to smoke 13) I prefer _________ by plane. a) to travel b) travelling

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