increase something so that it is three times bigger than before - Sales tripled over a six-month period. Sales were at 20% and now they’re at 60%., a dishonest plan, especially for getting money - The scam tries to trick customers into giving away confidential bank details., not working normally - You can use Carol's old bike – the gears are out of whack, but it still goes., containing many different aspects, features, or qualities - It's a multifaceted business, offering a range of services., think of something such as an idea or a plan - They came up with a plan to make us more efficient in the workplace., safe or good enough to eat - The food in the cafeteria is barely edible. They really have to change their chef., do the same thing that someone else has done - In 2008, United started charging for bags and other airlines quickly followed suit. Now, all of them do it., take control of something - IBM is taking over the smaller company.,

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