A type of thick soup often prepared with milk or cream. It’s usually made from fish or other sea food and served with saltine or oyster crackers. - chowder, A traditional English dessert consisting of pieces of meringue mixed with cream and fruit (usually strawberries). - Eton mess, A type of soup made from beetroot. It may include meat or fish, or be vegetarian. It is common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. - borscht, A Moroccan slow-cooked savoury stew. It might include sliced meat, poultry or fish, vegetables or fruit, and spices that are cooked together very slowly. - tagine, A thick, smooth, soft paste often containing liver. It can be made from ground meat, fish, or vegetables. It is usually served with a fresh baguette or bread. - pâté, A type of soup from Vietnam consisting of broth, noodles, pieces of meat, and herbs. - pho,

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