Modern popular music, usually with a strong beat, and easy to listen to and remember., To sink below (a surface)., Style of vigorous dancing associated with this 1950’s music., An observer of an event, especially a sports contest., A person's emotional state at a particular time., In direct view of, A long dramatic musical work similar to a play but in which the parts are sung., A contest of speed, such as in running, riding, driving, or sailing., Very near. Not far away. , A type of dancing where carefully organized movements tell a story or express an idea., At something's conclusion., Used to refer to a style of music written in Europe between about 1750 and 1830., Nearest or closest in place or position, Continue in one direction without bending or curving., Popular music that is based on a type of traditional music from the western and southern US:, Go from one side to the other., A large public event where goods are bought and sold, and where there is often entertainment., Go round a left-hand corner., A type of music of African-American origin with a strong rhythm in which the players improvise., At the intersection of 2 streets..

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