1) 1. What is the symbol of St. Patrick? a) Angel b) Clover Leaf c) A map of Ireland 2) 2. When does St. Patrick’s Day take place each year? a) 17th February b) 18th March c) 17th March 3) Saint Patrick is the patron saint of which European country? a) Ireland b) Scotland c) Wales 4) Many people believe that which animal does not exist in Ireland because St. Patrick banished them away? a) Scorpions b) Snakes c) Sheep 5) By tradition, why do people put on green clothes on St. Patrick’s Day? a) To avoid being pinched b) To let people know that you're Irish c) To bring good luck 6) What was the name of St. Patrick at birth? a) Maewyn Succat b) Alden Batilde c) Trevet Beckette 7) In which city did the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States take place in 1762? a) Boston b) Chicago c) New York 8) Who kidnapped and took St. Patrick as a teenager from Britain to Ireland? a) Roman soldiers b) Traffickers c) Pirates 9) Which meaning did Saint Patrick believe a clover leaf or shamrock symbolised? a) God b) Nature c) The Holy Trinity 10) Which city in the United States dyes the river green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year? a) Boston b) Chicago c) New York 11) Which colour was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day? a) Red b) Blue c) Yellow 12) What does the name Patrick mean in Latin? a) Life saviour b) Father of his people c) The chosen one 13) How many leaves are on a shamrock? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 14) Which of the following is a nickname for Ireland? a) The Island of Patrick b) The green Island c) The Emerald Island 15) According to a popular belief, what does a leprechaun hide at the end of the rainbow? a) Shamrock b) A horseshoe c) A pot of gold 16) Which dish is often eaten in the United States on St. Patrick’s Day? a) Sausages b) Irish Stew c) Cabbage and corned beef 17) Which of the following is a nickname for Saint Patrick? a) Patty b) Paddy c) Penny 18) According to Irish old stories, the walking stick of Saint Patrick once miraculously turned into what? a) A cross b) A tree c) A sword 19) What is the name of the bell that was removed from Saint Patrick’s tomb 6 decades after his death? a) The Bell of Testament b) The Bell of God c) The Bell of Blessing 20) The remains of Saint Patrick are said to be located in which cathedral? a) Down Cathedral, Downpatrick b) St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast c) Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 21) Which of the following colours is not on the flag of Ireland? a) White b) Green c) Red 22) When did Saint Patrick start to spread Christianity to Ireland? a) 2nd Century b) 5th Century c) 8th Century 23) What is special about 17th March or Saint Patrick’s Day? a) It is the day when Saint Patrick was born b) It is the day when Saint Patrick died c) It is the day when Saint Patrick first brought Christianity to Ireland 24) Saint Patrick was known for banishing all snakes from Ireland. This is actually a metaphor for what? a) To convert pagans b) To throw off Roman Rule c) To drive English people from Ireland 25) What does the phrase “Erin go bragh” literally mean? a) Ireland free b) Ireland forever c) Happy Saint Patrick's day

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