century - St Patrick was born in the 4th ___________., Roman - His family was ___________., abducted - He was _________ at the age of 16., pray - While looking after the animals, St Parick used to _________ a lot., priest - St Patrick wanted to be a _________, so he went to France., pagans - The Irish were __________ and they didn't know about God., Christianity - St Patrick returned to Ireland to spread ___________., shamrock - It is believed that St Patrick used __________ to explain the Holy Trinity., sixty - He went around Ireland for _______ years spreading the word of God., March - He died on 17 _____________., snakes - A popular legend says that St Patrick chased all the ___________ out of Ireland., green - On St Patrick's Day people traditionally wear __________ clothes., pinch - If you are not wearing anything green, you can expect others to __________ you., dye - This day is so popular around the world that people _________ food, drinks or even rivers green. ,

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