Wembley is the biggest football ____ in London. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham ____. The ____ in this park are made of stone. They are very beautiful. A ____ is is the largest and most important church in an area. Can you tell me the time? I can't see the ____. The Thames is the name of the ____ in London. It was so cold last night that the water in the ____ froze. You can see lots of old and interesting things in a ____. I almost missed the train beacuse I went to the wrong ____. I like taking a walk through the ____ in spring, when there are many flowers. There are some beatiful paintings on display in this ____. Do you want to see them? The station in on the other side of the river. We must cross the ____. Stonehenge is a famous prehistoric ____ in England. It was made of huge blocks of stone put in a circle. A ____ is a big open space, usually in the center of a city. It was too complicated to build a road over the mountain, so they built a ____. It is 8 kilometres long.

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