1) The dragon is jumping _______ the barrier. a) through b) past c) over d) out of 2) The dragon is swimming _________ the box. a) past b) under c) out of d) away from 3) The dragon is flying __________ the ring. a) through b) into c) over d) past 4) The dragon is twisted __________ the pole. a) through b) around c) into d) out of 5) The man is running _____________ the dragon. a) out of b) away from c) past d) through 6) The dragon is going _______ the phone booth. a) into b) through c) towards d) past 7) The dragon is coming ________ the phone booth. a) past b) towards c) out of d) over 8) The dragon is walking ______ the brick wall. a) through b) past c) away from d) around 9) The shark is swimming __________ the man. a) through b) into c) around d) towards 10) The woman is walking ______ the field. a) onto b) along c) through d) into 11) The ball is going ____ the box. a) into b) up c) on top of d) through 12) Tha cat is climbing ____ the stairs. a) down b) along c) up d) beside 13) The girl is climbing ____ the table. a) in b) on c) onto d) down 14) The ball is rolling _____ the hill. a) along b) under c) up d) down 15) The boy is walking ____ the path. a) along b) into c) onto d) next to 16) The cat is walking _____ the bridge. a) inside of b) up c) along d) across

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