1) This animal lives in Africa. It has got long legs and a long neck. It eats leaves. a) an elephant b) a monkey c) a giraffe 2) This animal lives in the ocean. It has got sharp teeth and it eats meat. a) a dolphin b) a whale c) a shark 3) This animal lives on land and in water. It has got a really long tail and really sharp teeth. It's very dangerous.Be careful! It would love to eat you! a) a lizard b) a crocodile c) a turtle 4) This animal is black and white and looks like a horse. a) a panda b) an orca c) a zebra 5) This insect has got beautiful wings. It is colourful and it drinks nectar from flowers. a) a butterfly b) a bee c) a hummingbird 6) This insect is small and has got eight legs. It spins a web. It can be dangerous. a) a bee b) a spider c) a fly 7) This animal lives in Australia. It has got a strong tail and big feet. It has got a special pocket on its body for babies. a) a koala b) a monkey c) a kangaroo 8) This animal is usually green and likes to live in water and on land. It walks really really slowly. a) a crocodile b) a turtle c) a lizard 9) This animal is small and fast . It has got a long tail. People are sometimes scared when they see it. a) a fox b) a rat c) a mouse 10) This animal is a perfect pet. It can be big or small. Its tail can be short or long. It can run very fast. You have to go for walk with this animal every day. a) a cat b) a hamster c) a dog 11) This animal eats a lot of small fish and are very strong. It is very very big and it can jump out of the water. Some people think they are ugly. a) a dolphin b) a crocodile c) a whale 12) This animal eats up to 270 kilos of food every day. It doesn't eat meat. It can swim. It has got big ears. a) a hippo b) an elephant c) a lion 13) This animal has got long ears. It isn't dangerous. It is cute. a) a rabbit b) a cat c) a hamster 14) This animal can fly. It can be small or big. It's not an insect. It can be a pet. a) a monkey b) a parrot c) a butterfly 15) This animal can be dangerous. Some people say it's ugly but some people say it's beautiful. It hasn't got legs. a) a goldfish b) an iguana c) a snake

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