1) OK, I'm ... in your project. Please tell me more about it. a) interesting b) interested 2) My younger sister is so ... . She's always taking my clothes and make-up! a) annoyed b) annoying 3) This novel is really ... . I want to know how the protagonist escapes from the villain! a) exciting b) excited 4) We told ... stories about zombies and apparitions at the camp fire. a) terrifying b) terrified 5) We all were very ... when the teacher told us about the end-of-year party! a) exciting b) excited 6) "Why do you look so ...?" "I'm trying to finish this videogame level, but the boss is so hard to beat!" a) annoyed b) annoying 7) You look ... . Why don't you sit down and rest while I do the washing up? a) tiresome b) tired 8) They made me a ... question at my last job interview. a) confusing b) confused 9) What subject is more ... for you, Maths or English? a) challenging b) challenged 10) "I see you love sea animals". "Yes, marine biology is very ... for me!" a) interested b) interesting 11) I don't understand their story; the way they told it is very ... a) confusing b) confused

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