1) My brother ______ his bed yesterday morning a) make b) made c) do d) did 2) ___________________ the homework? a) Did you make b) Did you made c) Did you did d) Did you do 3) My friend __________ goodbye to your brother a) say b) sayed c) said d) saids 4) I ___________ an interesting book about Frida Kahlo. a) read b) rode c) readed d) ride 5) Picasso _______ a lot of paintings. a) sell b) sold c) selled d) didn't sold 6) ___________________ for the test?  a) Did your friends studyed b) Did your friends studied c) Did your friends studi d) Did your friends study 7) ___________________ you a kiss? a) Did your boyfriend give b) Did your boyfriend gave c) Did your boyfriend gived d) Did your boyfriend gaved 8) When I ______ in London, I ________ a letter to my granny a) were / wrote b) was / wrote c) was / write d) were / write 9) The teacher (-) _________ you when you ______ doing silly things! a) didn't saw / were b) didn't saw / was c) didn't see / was d) didn't see / were 10) My brother __________ my neighbour's window. a) broke b) breaked c) didn't broke d) brook 11) Tom _________ to The Beatles concert when he ________ young a) goed / were b) went / were c) went / was d) was / went 12) My cat __________ all the milk. a) drink b) drinked c) didn't drank d) drank 13) We ________ a taxi, it ______ rainning a lot. a) took / was b) take / were c) taked /was d) didn't took / was  14) My dad (-) _________ the black horse. a) didn't read b) didn't rode c) didn't rided d) didn't ride 15) My friends ________ the party very late. a) lived b) left c) didn't left d) didn't live 16) He _______________ the bus, he (-) ______ to school. a) caught / didn't walk b) caught / didn't walked c) catch / walked d) catch / didn't walk 17) ________________ in Vigo last year? a) Did your sister leave b) Did your sister lived c) Did your sister live d) Did your sister left 18) The children _______ to class without books or pencils. a) came b) come c) comed d) didn't came 19) I _______ very well in the swimming pool but I (-) ________ in the sea a) swim / didn't swam b) swam / didn't swim c) didn't s swim / swam d) swam / didn't swam 20) My teacher _______ at home all week. a) stayed b) staied c) didn't stayed d) staid

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