1) Why do you have to use an Anti-virus? a) I will never use Anti-virus b) I have to use an Anti-virus to not have virus and hackers c) I dont like Anti-virus d) What is an Anti-virus? e) idk f) I have it disabled 2) Whats is a safe password? a) BFF43v3RAl0n3 b) 123456789jaJa/ c) 10987654321Bv$ d) holakaseuwu e) monalitodinerito123 f) Eugenia5 3) Do you answer messages from strangers? a) Yes,I do b) I give me personal information! Is so fun!! c) No,I dont is so dangerous.. d) yes, because I'm bored e) yes, because I want friends that I don't have :D f) of course!! 4) Do you look if the page has https:? a) Yes,I do c: b) OF COURSE  c) No,it's the same 5) Do you have social meeting? a) Yes,I do b) No,I dont 6) Do you have a bank account? a) I have 12 years,I don't have bank account b) Yes,I have 12 years old,because I have a bank account c) No,Im a baby 7) What's your favourite app? a) Youtube b) Whatsapp c) Tik tok d) Wattpad e) Netflix f) Instagram 8) Do you play online games? a) Yes,I do is so fun ;D b) I dont play online games c) Yes uwu 9) Do you shop online? a) Yes, I do b) No,I dont 10) Do you watch streamers on twitch? a) Yes, I do!! b) Yes, I like kunno c) Illojuan is my god d) I like Arigameplays e) I like conway f) I like nimu 11) Have you seen Spainrp? a) Yes, I like Spain rp b) No, I dont like Spain rp 12) you change things on the web? a) Yes, I do b) No,I dont 13) Do you have a Google account? a) Yes,I do b) No,i dont c) H 14) How do you use internet? a) I use the internet for play video games b) I use internet for watch bad things. c) to search things 15) Do you like the internet? a) YES!! b) idk.. c) NO 16) Do you like this game? a) YES b) NO

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