1) I can bounce but I haven’t got legs or feet. What am I?  a) a kangaroo b) a ball c) a rabbit 2) I’ve got legs but I can’t walk. What am I?  a) a chair b) a pair of shoes c) an elephant 3) You can hear it but you can’t see it. What is it?  a) a cloud b) the wind c) a leaf 4) What has two hands and a face, but no arms or legs?  a) a clock b) a man c) a spider 5) What goes up but never comes down?  a) your age b) a balloon c) an aeroplane 6) What begins with "T", ends with "T" and has "T" in it?  a) a teapot b) a teaspoon c) a tea bag 7) What comes out in the day but never comes out at night?  a) your shadow b) an owl c) the Moon 8) What is the shortest month of the year?  a) October b) June c) May 9) What can drink water without a mouth? a) a cat b) a lion c) a plant 10) I can run but I haven’t got any feet. What am I?  a) a snake b) a pigeon c) a river 11) As you get drier, I get wetter. What am I?  a) a hairdryer b) a towel c) an umbrella

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