75% of the territory is susceptible to desertification., the natural environment is where humans develop their lives., the social environment where humans develop their lives., reduce consists of using or consuming fewer resources, A sustainable food system is: diverse, inclusive, connected,..., Los oceanos no han aumentado la temperatura a lo largo de los años, To eat healthily, we must eat more than 50% meat., the expiration date is the least important thing when storing products., It is efficient to open the oven many times when cooking to make sure the food is good., For a healthy meal, eat little pasta and cereals., local food is a model that is concerned with the origin of raw materials, mahatma gandhy was a pacifist activist from india., Efficient use of resources reduces costs, Azurmendi is not a sustainable restaurant, In a restaurant we have no influence on the environment., organic and ecological food are products with more impact on the environment, organic food respects animals.

Answer whether the following statement is true or false

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