The Czech republic lies in Central Europe - it is called the ____ of Europe. Our republic borders with ____ in the North and with Austria in the South. Slovakia is in the ____ and Germany in the ____. The country consists of three main regions: ____, Moravia, Silesia. The ____ is the largest river and the Vltava River is the longest one with many ____ . Several huge dams have been built on ____ river, for example Lipno, Orlík or Slapy. South Bohemia is known for its large and numerous ____. Freshwater fish are farmed here, especially ____. Also two ____ lakes can be found in CR - Černé and Čertovo in the Šumava Mountains. The Giant Mountains are the highest mountains in the CR with the highest peak - ____. But the border of our country is made up of many other mountains such as Ore Mountains, Jizera mountains, Eagle Mountans and Šumava. The central part of the Czech republic is rather flat, except for the ____ Jaw-dropping Moravian ____ system is definitely worth seeing with your eyes. Boskovice and Třebíč are places with preserved ____ synagogues and Jewish residential quarters. In the CR there are many places of interest. Famous sights include the Gothic Křivoklát ____ , medieval ____ town Kutná Hora with breath-taking Gothic ____, amazing Renaissance towns like Telč, Litomyšl and Český Krumlov - all of them are listed as UNESCO ____. ____ was founded by Charles IV. as a treasury for the Crown Jewels. Lány is a Renaissance ____, which the Czechoslovak goverment bought for the president ____ . Since then the chateau has been the representative residence of Czech presidents. ____ is the capital and also the largest city. ____ is the center of Moravia. ____ is the biggest and the most famous of our ____. Olomouc with its Baroque palaces, houses, ____ and cathedrals, PLzeň and Ostrava are other large exceptional cities that are worth visiting.

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