1) Is it OK to lie about your age? 2) Is it OK to claim for "extra" goods from the insurance company after a disaster? 3) Is it OK to refuse to fight when your country is at war? 4) Is it OK to have plastic surgery in order to look younger or more attractive? 5) Is it OK to keep €10 change if you get it by mistake? 6) Is it OK to phone to work or school to say you're ill to get a day off? 7) Is it OK to hit someone in self-defense? 8) Is it OK to forge a cheque? 9) Is it OK to hit a naughty child? 10) Is it OK to continue driving after you bump into a car (nobody gets injured and nobody sees you)? 11) Is it OK to do "extra" work but not to pay taxes on the money you get from it? 12) Is it OK to park in a no-parking street? 13) Is it OK to continue driving at a red traffic light (nobody gets injured)? 14) Is it OK to travel on public transport without paying for your ticket? 15) Is it OK to throw litter in the street? 16) Is it OK to sell your country's secrets to another country? 17) Is it OK to smuggle goods (e.g. perfume) through customs when coming back from a travel abroad? 18) Is it OK to not vote in a national election?

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