Self-sacrificing: I'll give up my seat for an older person on the bus., I turned down a job because I knew my friend wanted it. , I always give to charity appeals. , Self-confident: I expect to get a good job in the future. , Of course I'll pass the exam!, I'm sure I've made the right decisions in my life., Self-centred: I always push to the front of a queue in a shop., I do what's best for myself., I only meet friends at places that are the most convenient for me. , Self-sufficient: I love fashion and I make my own clothes., I grow my own vegetables and bake my own bread. , I pay my own bills and don't expect help from others., Self-aware: I realise I have to work harder at my Engish studies. , I don't always make the best decisions., I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. , Self-satisfied: I have achieved so many truly amazing things in my life., I did really well in the test and came top of the class., I taught myself to play tennis and could play professionally,

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