extreme (adj) - very great in degree or intensity, heat (n) - hot temperatures, soil (n) - the ground, poor (adj) - not rich, lacking, short supply (phr) - when there is not much/many of sth, bug (n) - insect, keep track of time (phr) - to note the passing of the minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc, meaning (n) - significance, live off (phr v) - rely on to provide with food, water etc, nature (n) - the natural world, provide (v) - to give sb sth they need, hunter-gather (phr) - a person who hunts and gathers fruit, berries etc to live, in person (phr) - face-to-face, gather (v) - collect, berry (n) - a small fruit that grows in bunches on a plant or a bush,

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