serve - give someone food or drink, for example in a restaurant, cut - divide something into two or more pieces with a knife, cook - prepare food by heating it, slice - cut something into thin flat pieces, bake - cook food in an oven, fry - cook something in hot fat or oil, add - put something together with something else, boil - heat water until little bubbles form, sprinkle - shake small pieces of something or drops of a liquid on another thing, pour - make liquid flow out of or into something, peel - take the outside part off a fruit or vegetable, stir - move a spoon or another thing round and round to mix something, melt - make something become liquid through heating, mix - combine two or more things using a spoon, spatula, or electric mixer, grate - use a metal tool (a grater) for very small pieces, squeeze - press something hard, taste - feel or know a certain food or drink in your mouth, roast - cook or be cooked in an oven or over a fire,

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