malware - Malicious software, ransomware - A program that blocks your access to information and requires you to pay to recover it., adware - A program that makes advertisements pop up on your screen., cracker - A person who breaks into computers for criminal aims., hacker - A person who breaks into computers to get information., hacktivist - A person who breaks into computers with social or political objectives, phishing - The attempt to get passwords or credit card details, identity theft - Accessing a person's account and blocking it for your personal use, MitM attacks - They happen when a third person breaks into someone else's communication to obtain information., DDoS attacks  - An attack where you cannot access an Internet service anymore., Zero-day exploit - An announcement of an attack that nobody can avoid., Watering hole attack - An attack to the most popular websites or services in a country or region., Cryptojacking - When a hacker uses someone else's computer to mine cryptocurrency., SQL attack - When a hacker makes a query with malicious code to a database in order to infect it., Trojan - Software that looks useful, but actually infects a computer or system., spyware - A program that monitors all your computer activity without you knowing it., cyberstalking - Using someone's computer or social media to monitor and harass them.,

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