1) What is the name of the popular football stadium in London? a) Wembley b) Wambley c) Brambley 2) You can see the River Thames, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament from it. a) The Great Wheel of London b) The London Look c) The London Eye 3) What is the most famous bridge in London? a) London Bridge b) Tower Bridge c) Big Ben 4) The tube is... a) the underground. b) the tram. c) the most busiest bus station in London. 5) It’s huge and quite busy. Planes from all over the world land there. a) JFK. b) It's Heathrow Airport. c) It's Heathrow Airline. 6) This Great Bell is inside the Houses of Parliament. a) Big Bang b) Big Ben c) The Tower of London 7) This palace is one of the homes to the Royal Family. a) Royal Gardens b) Buckingham Palace c) Beckhamingam Palace

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