1) The parts of the urinary system a) renal arteries, kidneys, ureter, urethra and bladder b) kidneys, urethra, anus, bladder and trachea  c) renal arteries, kidneys, ureter, bladder and anus d) anus, bladder, uretra, kidneys and sweat glands 2) The two renal arteries carry blood to the... a) heart b) kidneys c) ureter d) lungs e) mouth f) stomach 3) The waste products from the blood are mixed with... ...to make urine a) gastric juices and urine b) food c) urine d) water e) water and blood 4) Two long tubes called... carry the urine from kideys down to the ... a) urethra... bladder b) ureters... bladder c) ureters... kidneys d) bladder... blood 5) When the bladder gets full... a) blows b) automaticaly pees c) it doesn't make anything d) it is ok ( : e) sends signals to the brain 6) When we urinate, the urine leaves the bladder through the... a) uretra b) uterus c) ureters d) anus 7) The dialysis... a) help patients to dye b) help patients to live normal lives c) it is awesome :D d) help patients to stay more time in the world 8) Some people need a kidney... operation a) remplazation b) cretion c) transplant d) amputacion e) retiration f) quitaraision

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