1) ______________________ tropical forests are in South America a) Big b) The biggest c) Bigger 2) Seals are ___________________ than polar bears. a) the smallest b) smaller c) small 3) Trees are ____________________ than plants. a) tall b) taller c) the tallest 4) Deserts are __________________ on Earth. a) drier b) the driest c) dry 5) The Sahara is _______________________ desert. a) large b) larger c) the largest 6) Poles are ______________________ places on Earth. a) the coldest b) cold c) colder 7) Spring is __________________ than autumn. a) sunny b) the sunniest c) sunnier 8) Summer is _____________________ than winter. a) the hottest b) hot c) hotter 9) Elephants are ___________________ land animals. a) heavy b) heavier c) the heaviest 10) The Nile is ___________________ than the Thames. a) longer b) the longest c) long

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