For better or ____ (but mostly for better), mobile ____ have shaped our modern world. There is an app for almost anything we can ____ of. They satisfy our need for information, make ____ and connecting with people easier, help to increase our work productivity and make everyday tasks ____. The following six apps are considered to have made the biggest ____ on our lives so far. Even before it became an ____, Google had got us used to having information ____. But what really revolutionized the way we perceive the world are Google Maps. With a ____ and a decent connection, we can’t get lost any more. It also provides ____ on restaurants, shops, clubs, and all the different ways to get there. It is great not only for car ____ but also for people using ____ transport or even for bike riders. It is difficult to ____ just one social network, because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have similar impact, though in different ways. They started out as a way to keep us ____ to other people, but have evolved over time. Nowadays, they are the ____ way to keep up-to-date with current events. We can get the most ____ news, weather forecast, or even updates if there is a disaster, so we know whether our family is safe, and how we can help the ____. In under ten years, Uber became the largest ____ operator in the world, although it does not own a ____ car. It connects drivers with their clients, showing the user where the cab is and its estimated time of ____ (ETA). It is easier to pay for than a traditional taxi, as it is linked to the users’ debit or credit ____. These are just some of the reasons why more than 8 million people in hundreds of ____ across 70 countries use Uber ____. Duolingo is an app that currently has 21 language ____. It helps people learn foreign ____ with no cost and lots of fun. It also helps with the ____ of documents for people or companies who can’t afford a translator. It is easy to use, the ____ is interactive, and the learning structure well researched. Thanks to the data collected from the users, Duolingo improves its ____ methods to make the learning process better and faster.

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