1) Complete: He twisted his ankle and now it's _________ a) Swollen b) Bruise c) Sore d) Temperature 2) Complete: It's not just a cold. I think it's ________ a) Bruise b) Flu c) Cold d) Temperature 3) Complete: She can't talk because she's got a _______ throat a) bruise b) cold c) stomach d) sore 4) Complete: 38ºC ? You've got a high _________ a) cold b) sore c) temperature d) ache 5) Complete: If you can't walk, we'll find you a _________ a) cold b) weelchair c) painkiller d) crutch 6) Complete: Somebody has had an accident. Where's the _____________ a) painkiller b) First-aid kit c) weelchair d) pillow

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