1) I _______________ fish. a) don't like b) doesn't like c) don't likes 2) You _______________ the newspaper every day.  a) reads b) doesn't read c) read 3) She _______________ English. a) speaks b) speak c) live 4) He _______________ Spanish. a) don't study b) doesn't study c) doesn't studies 5) We __________ to the radio every morning. a) listens b) watch c) listen 6) Mary ____________ to English classes on Mondays. a) go b) do c) goes 7) Do you eat meat? a) Yes, I does. b) No, I don't.  c) No, I doesn't. 8) __________ she like cats? a) Does b) Is c) Do 9) My mother__________________ TV in the afternoon.  a) watch b) watches c) look 10) My sister__________________ in a shop.  a) live b) work c) works 11) Does she drink tea? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, she do. c) Yes, she is. 12) Do they __________ coffee for breakfast? a) have b) has c) eat 13) Sarah ______________ in a small school. a) teachs b) teaches c) teach 14) Does she __________ in London? a) lives b) live c) livees

PRESENT SIMPLE: affirmative / negative / interrogative / short answers

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