True: detention = a period of time when students are punished in a special classroom., principal / head teacher= the manager of a school, cheating= copying material during a test., recess = break, janitor = caretaker, honors program (USA) = a school programme for students with higher capacities which is also more demanding on them., caucus = teacher's meeting to vote on something., drop out = leave school, not finish your education or study programme., bookworm = someone who loves reading., to breeze / to sail through = to have no problem with a subject or test., to pull an all-nighter= to burn the midnight oil., to cram = to study all you can just before a test., False: headteacher = a teacher who directs an innovation project., extra credit = more money to buy lunch at the canteen., play truant / hooky = copying during a test, year leader = the students' representative in a class, pass with flying colours = make an extra effort in class, to grade = to classify materials according to level., show of hands = revision of what students have in their bags or lockers., teacher's pet = the teacher's dog, cat, fish, iguana, etc., jock = class clown, to ace a test = to bomb a test, to burn the candle at both ends = to use all the opportunities you have to pass a test., to kiss up to someone = to have a romantic affair with another student.,

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