1) Jim, please register the new workshop tools order as an ... a) end user b) action item c) input 2) Try to avoid ... in health and safety measures. a) cutting corners b) calling it a day c) going back to the drawing board 3) We all are tired. Why don't we ...? a) call it a day b) keep ourselves in the loop c) reach out 4) According to our ..., we have managed to complete all tasks with the resources assigned. a) deliverable b) milestone c) baseline 5) Dana's team has a talent to keep the ... even at the most stressful moments. a) workflow b) risk management c) kickoff meeting 6) Don't forget to keep the IT Department ... about the clients' feedback. a) to the drawing board b) in the loop c) on a no-go 7) This video and these PDFs are ... for our latest marketing project. a) end users b) baselines c) deliverables 8) The next ... in our project will be the meeting with the German representatives. a) milestone b) KPI c) touching base 9) You can always ... Kyle if you need extra help. a) shout out to b) reach out to c) call in to 10) The tools, information and resources you need to develop a project are also ... a) inputs b) KPIs c) deliverables 11) The number of new contracts signed in a month are one of our main... a) deliverables b) end users c) KPIs 12) We have already done our ... and handed in all the legal paperwork. a) action items b) due diligence c) quality gates 13) We need more time to complete the prototype, so we are ... a) ahead of schedule b) behind schedule c) on schedule 14) We need all the department budget to renovate our tools, so your request for funds is a ... a) No-go b) Go c) Go-ahead 15) We will present our baselines and objectives at the first or ... meeting. a) workflow b) kickoff c) sign-off 16) You really did not need this video, but it's really great. You did ...! a) go the extra mile b) play ahead of schedule c) go back to the drawing board 17) Don't worry- you'll have the report by ... a) sing-off b) as of yet c) close of day 18) You should keep a backup copy of all your files- it's on the ... manual a) best practice b) upskill c) quality gates 19) Before we promote Meghan to the IT Manager position, we need to ... her. a) micromanage b) reach out c) upskill 20) The official closure of a project is called a ... a) sign-off b) input c) action item

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