Touch base - Contact someone to check how things are going, Cut corners - Do low-quality work, Keep someone in the loop - Keep someone informed, Workflow - The tasks and work pace for a person, KPI - Measurable elements that help you check your performance, Milestone - An important event or task in a project process, Action item - A task that is part of a project, Go back to the drawing board - Start again with fresh ideas, Reach out to someone - Contact someone to ask for help or for information, Call it a day - Finish working, especially after a very intense effort, Baseline - Main objective of a project, End user - The people that will benefit the most from a project, Deliverable - A physical object or presentation that has to be handed in as part of a project stage., Input - Tools and information needed to carry out your project tasks, Due diligence - Legal requirements to develop a project , Go the extra mile - Do more than the minimum required to achieve a better result, Upskill - Train to be eligible for a position with more responsibilities, Best practice - What is accepted as a good work procedure., Micromanage - To check an employee's work closely for the smallest mistakes because you don't trust the other person will do their job correctly., Drill down into - Examine something in depth, As of yet - Right now, Close of day - By the end of the day, A go // a no-go - A project that got / did not get authorisation to be developed, Kickoff meeting - The first meeting with the team and client., Corrective action - Steps needed to fix a problem, Quality gate - Checking and reviewing before the project goes into a new stage., Sign-off - The official ending of a project, On a shoestring - With a very low budget, On schedule - To be completed by the deadline, Behind schedule - When more time is needed to complete a project stage, Ahead of schedule - When you have completed a task before a deadline.,

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