sweaty, freak out - To get so scared you want to go away, at all costs - No matter what happens, raise the question - Make someone feel curious on a topic, way up too high - That has gone up to a dangerous or absurd level, a whole bunch - A big group or piece of something, mood-boosting - That helps you feel happier , a flight of stairs, burst of activity - A short period of time when someone does lots of activities or finishes many tasks, all-consuming - That requires all your energy and attention and leaves you feeling very tired at the end, take on too much - Accept more responsibility than you can handle, fight or flight mode - The instinctive response of defending yourself or going away when attacked or in danger, telltale signs - Indicators that make very obvious that something is going on, take home - Obtain conclusions from an activity, book, video, etc., fulfilled - Satisfied, with the feeling that all your needs are met.,

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