1) I usually _______ my grandma od Sundays. a) visits b) visit c) am visiting 2) I often ________ to the park with my friends a) going b) am going c) go 3) Jack always_______________ a book before going to bed. a) reads b) read c) reading 4) I usually wake up at 7 but today I ___________________. a) is sleeping b) are sleeping c) am sleeping 5) He usually ______________ movies every week. a) watchs b) watches c) watch 6) I_______________ horror movies. a) not like b) don't like c) doesn't like 7) Look! They _______________ basketball. a) is playing b) plays c) are playing 8) Sandra _________________with her little sister. a) sings b) is singing c) sing

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

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