1) Miranda ____________ at the cinema last Friday. a) was b) were 2) We ___________ very tired yesterday. a) were b) was 3) Tom and George _____________ hungry at breakfast. a) was b) were 4) It ___________ a beautiful day. a) were b) was 5) You ____________ late for school yesterday. a) was b) were 6) I ____________ at the supermarket with my mum. a) was b) were 7) They ____________ good friends. a) were b) was 8) Maddie ____________ in her room at 6 o'clock yesterday. a) was b) were 9) Brad ______________ at the bookshop two days ago. a) were b) was 10) The boys _____________ in the garden 2 minutes ago. a) was b) were



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