zebra - I am a wild African animal with black and white lines on my body., crocodile - I am a big animal with a long strong tail. I have a big mouth with sharp teeth. I live in rivers in hot countries., shark - I am a sea animal, a big fish. Some of us have sharp teeth and are dangerous., lamb - I am a baby animal. I live with my mum on a farm. People keep us for meat and wool., seagull - I am a big grey or white bird with a loud cry. I live near the sea., rabbit - I am a small animal with long ears. I live in holes under the ground., jellyfish - I am a sea animal. My body is like jelly. I have long thin parts that can sting., bee - I am a small black and yellow insect.I can fly and make a sweet food that you eat., slug - I am a small soft animal. I move slowly and I eat plants. People don´t like me.,

Match the words and the definitions./ Spoj slova a popis.

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