1) Helen ... coffee now. a) drink b) drinks c) is drinking d) are drinking 2) My uncle Ted sometimes ... . a) paint b) paints c) is painting d) are painting 3) They ... the shopping at weekends. a) do b) does c) is doing d) are doing 4) Mary-Ann ... the cello twice a week. a) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing 5) Listen! Your sister ... by car. a) come b) comes c) is coming d) are coming 6) Justine often ... a horse. a) ride b) rides c) is riding d) are riding 7) Our grandfather ... a newspaper every day. a) read b) reads c) is reading d) are reading 8) I and my friends ... in the swimming pool now. a) swim b) swims c) is swimming d) are swimming 9) At the moment, my mum ... a lemon cake. a) bake b) bakes c) is baking d) are baking 10) George and Micheal ... computer games now. a) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing 11) Helen ... skating in winter. a) like b) likes c) is liking d) are liking 12) Cows ... grass. a) eat b) eats c) is eating d) are eating

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