1) ... is your name? Jessica. a) Who b) What c) Whose 2) ... are you from? From France. a) Who b) What c) Where 3) ... is your English teacher? Mrs Hill. a) Who b) Why c) What 4) ... is your favourite singer? Billie Eilish. a) Who b) What c) When 5) ... is my apple? On the table. a) Who b) What c) Where 6) ... is your sister´s birthday? In November. a) Where b) When c) Whose 7) ... is Peter´s telephone number? It´s 731445778. a) What b) Where c) When 8) ... is your car? In front of the house. a) What b) When c) Where 9) ... old are you? I´m eleven. a) What b) How c) Where 10) ... are your parents? At the cinema. a) Where b) What c) Who

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