1) Look at these clouds! It (rain) _____ tomorrow. a) are going to b) will c) is going to d) will not e) is not going to f) am going to 2) They don´t want to cook. They (eat) _____ stew in the restaurant.  a) are going to eat b) will eat c) won't eat d) are not going to eat e) will eats f) is going to eat 3) I (wear) _____ this pink dress tonight. a) am going to wear b) will wears c) is going to wear d) will not wear e) am going to wears f) am not going to wear 4) We (not / help) _____ you next week. We have no time. a) are not going to help b) will not help c) will helps d) is not going to help e) won't helps f) are going to help 5) I think people (travel) ________________in spaceships in twenty years. a) will travel b) is going to travels c) are going to travel d) will not travel e) likes to travel f) can travels 6) Tony (not / walk) _____ home after school. His father is going to take him home by his car. a) is not going to walk b) will not walk c) will walks d) am going to walk e) is going to walks f) will walk 7) (cook / you) __________ dinner tonight? I don't have time... a) Are you going to cook b) Will you cook c) Won't you cook d) Aren't you going to cooks e) Are they going to cook f) Am I going to cook 8) (take part / she) ______ in the contest next Friday? a) Is she going to take part b) Will she take part c) Are she going to take part d) Should she take part e) Won't she take part f) Is not she going to take part 9) I (not / spend) _____ my holiday abroad this year. a) am not going to spend b) will spend c) don't like to spend d) won't spend e) is going to spend f) shouldn't spend 10) I think you (earn) _____ a lot of money when you get that job. a) will earn b) are going to earn c) will not earn d) will can earn e) will earns f) are not going to earn 11) They (not / have) _____ any problems. a) will not have b) should not have c) are not going to have d) will have e) will be have f) never have 12) I am sure he (meet) _____ lots of interesting people at the University. a) will meet b) is going to meet c) will not meet d) always meet e) should meet f) can meet 13) You probably (not / have) _____ anything to worry about. a) will not have b) are going to have c) will have d) are going to haven't e) should have f) is going to have 14) They probably (clean) _____ your house. a) will clean b) are going to clean c) won't cleans d) should clean e) always clean f) never clean 15) Everything (be) _____ perfect if you plan it. a) will be b) are going to be c) will not be d) always be e) is not going to be f) will was 16) The phone is ringing.  - Ok, I (answer) _____ it. a) will answer b) am going to answer c) answer d) willn't answer e) going to answer f) answers

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