1) I ..... at home, if it rains this afternoon. a) stay b) will stay c) stays d) stayed 2) If my brother .... abroad, I will be very worried. a) go b) will go c) goes d) went 3) You won´t earn enough money if you ... more hours. a) not work b) won´t work c) don´t work d) didn´t work 4) You ... late if you don´t hurry up. a) are b) will are c) will be d) was 5) If it ... a lot tomorrow we won´t go on a trip to the forest. a) rain b) rains c) will rain d) rained 6) Peter will get wet if he ... an umbrella. a) not take b) don´t take c) doesn´t take d) not took 7) If I ... to the supermarket later, I will buy some tomatoes. a) go b) goes c) will go d) went 8) They ... angry if we ... them next Saturday. a) will be .... won´t visit b) are ... don´t visit c) will be ... don´t visit d) are ... won´t visit 9) What ... if you ... to work tomorrow? a) will happen ... don´t go b) will happen ... won´t go c) happen ... don´t go d) happen ... won´t go 10) Many workers will lose their jobs if that factory ... down. a) close b) closes c) will close d) closed

1st conditional - Choose the correct form of the verb.

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