1) We_______tennis. a) playd b) playied c) played d) play 2) You didn´t____________TV. a) watched b) watch c) watchd d) watching 3) I_____________by plane. a) travelled b) traveled c) traveld d) travel 4) She__________me yesterday. a) phoneed b) phond c) phone d) phoned 5) We__________to speak Spanish. a) tryed b) tried c) tryied d) tryd 6) He___________the car. a) stoped b) stoppd c) stopped d) stop 7) It didn´t____________last week. a) rained b) rainned c) raineed d) rain 8) She____________the door. a) closed b) closeed c) closd d) close 9) He didn´t________________postcards. a) collected b) collectd c) collect d) collects 10) I_____________your hairstyle. a) likeed b) likd c) likes d) liked 11) We_______at our hotel. a) arriveed b) arrived c) arrive d) arrives 12) I_______to tell you the secret. a) wanted b) wants c) wanteed d) want 13) She didn´t_______________her auntie. a) visited b) visits c) visiting d) visit 14) ______you at school? No, I _________________. a) Did you, didn't b) Was, weren't c) Were, wasn't d) Were, was 15) Mum and dad____________their suitcase. a) packs b) packing c) packeed d) packed

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