1) run a marathon? 2) hug all your teachers? 3) eat an earthworm? 4) come to school in your pyjamas? 5) eat a piece of dog or cat food? 6) go outside and dance like a ballerina? 7) eat an insect? 8) act like a dog for the rest of this lesson? 9) shave your head? 10) go to the zoo with an animal mask on your face? 11) peel a banana using only your feet and toes? 12) do a handstand for one minute? 13) dye your hair pink? 14) sit on the lap of your Maths teacher? 15) eat a living octopus? 16) sleep in the dog-kennel with your dog? 17) have a punk hairdo? 18) walk into Sea World with a fishing pole?

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