a coach  - a comfortable bus for long journeys , a volunteer  - a person who does something without being forced or paid to , a submarine - a ship that can travel underwater , fencing  - the sport of duelling with swords, a toothache  - a pain in a tooth, a bruise  - an injury appearing as an area of discoloured skin on the body,, a cough  - a condition that causes one to push air from the lungs with a sudden sharp sound in a quick, noisy explosion., rowing  - the sport or activity of using boats with sails, a cure  - a medicine, a a solution to an illness , an ad  - a hort text in the newspapers that tries to persuade people to buy or do something, an adventure  - an unusual and exciting or daring experience, a deadline - the latest time or date by which something should be completed, a tomb  - a large box or vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead., a warning  - words or events that say that something bad can happen to you , an entrance - an opening, such as a door, passage, or gate, that allows access to a place,

Way to go 4 plus - Unit 3: Lessons 12-16 - Vocabulary revision

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