1) She has been on holiday __________ Friday.  a) for b) since 2) I __________ (sell) my old computer.  a) have selled b) have sold c) has sold 3) Have you __________ visited Paris? a) yet b) already 4) It __________ (be) a really good day. a) has been b) have been c) has was 5) I have been here __________ 3 o'clock. a) for b) since 6) We have known her __________ 7 years. a) for b) since 7) __________ (you/find) any information about our new project? a) Has you found b) Has you finded c) Have you found d) Have you finded 8) Tom __________ (not have) anything to eat today. a) hasn't have b) haven't had c) hasn't had 9) I __________ (never/study) Spanish before. a) has never studied b) have never studyed c) have never studied 10) Have you installed a new app? a) No, I have. b) Yes, I has. c) No, I hasn't. d) Yes, I have.

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