Equinox - 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, Winter Solstice - Happens around December 21st and has the LEAST day light hours, Summer Solstice - Happens around June 21st and has the MOST day light hours, Equator - The imaginary line across the middle of the planet., Poles - The imaginary spots at the top and bottom of the Earth, Direct Sunlight - When the sun is hitting the planet directly, Indirect Sunlight - When the suns waves are hitting the planet on an angle, Polar Zone - Located at the top and bottom of the planet and are the COLDEST ZONES, Temperate Zones - Have periods of warm weather and periods of cold weather, We call them Seasons, Tropical Zones - These are the zones closest to the Equator and are usually very WARM, When does SPRING happen - Around March 21st, When does Fall/Autumn happen - Around September 21st,





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