round to - I still haven't got * sorting the photos we made on holiday., around - What's the best way to get * London? Is it subway or buses?, away - We're hoping to get * to the countryside for the weekend. , back - Let me know when you get * from your business trip - we'll eat out together., by - Everything in the country was so expensive! The money we had taken was barely enough to get *., in - Our hotel didn't have keys - we used a smartphone app to get *., off - Go ask the driver which stop we should get * at., out of - My brother hates museums so much he pretended to be unwell to get * going on a guided tour of The Louvre., along - On the hiking trip we took, we got * with the other hikers pretty well., down - This dreary weather is getting me *. I need a beach holiday somewhere warm and sunny!,




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