True: If you book a homestay, you might try homemade local dishes., Package tours to tourist resorts are popular with holiday-makers., Going on a cruise can be time-consuming., Travelling improves your social and communication skills., Pickpockets are common around popular tourist sites., The language barrier may make you feel lonely and unwelcome., Hitchhiking is an economical way of travelling., Travelling light often means only taking hand luggage., Hiking is a popular activity in areas of natural beauty., Recreational facilities increase the cost of accomodation., On a camping holiday, you sleep in a tent or a caravan., Local crafts are unique and make a good souvenir., False: A luxury 5-star hotel is less costly than a B&B., A cancelled flight is better than a delayed one., Hiring a local guide is cheaper than buying a guidebook., A trip and a journey are the same thing., Most historic city centres can't be explored on foot., A self-catering holiday is quite expensive., Tourist destinations are crowded in low season., Remote destinations are suitable for a short break.,




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