to cram - to try to learn huge amounts of info quickly, to play truant - to skip school for no good reason, to fall behind - to do/know less than you already should, to keep up with coursework - to do/know as much as you should, to attend - to be present in class, the curriculum - the list of topics all students should study, compulsory - something that must be done is..., extra-curricular activities - clubs that you join at school if you want to, to pass with flying colours - to get top grades, hands-on training - practical activities, as opposed to academic studies, to do a degree - to study a field of science at university, to take a gap year - to take a year out instead of continuing your studies, peers - people of your age, one-on-one tuition - studying individually with a tutor, to acquire a skill - to learn to do something, to hand in an assignment - to submit the task you had to complete for the teacher to mark, to meet deadlines - to complete in due time, to enroll on a course - to register for , to major in a subject - to study a field as your main subject at uni, comprehensive - covering a variety of topics and subjects,




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