Right: Technological advances have led to remarkable (REMARK) achievement in medicine., This class encourages students to be more creative (CREATE)., She gave a persuasive (PERSUADE) speech at the ceremony., The food gave off an unpleasant (PLEASE) smell., Toothache is always an urgent (URGE) problem that must be dealth with swiftly., This book was completely unreadable (READ)! , Dogs can be trained to be obedient (OBEY)., The puppy was absolutely adorable (ADORE)., Wrong: Visitors to the tower can enjoy impressing (IMPRESS) views from its top., Education should be accessable (ACCESS) to all., The area has suffered a devastated (DEVASTATE) hurricane., Most parents worry about the destructant (DESTROY) effect gaming has on teenagers. , Some of his statements are highly questionate (QUESTION)., He advised them on the most sensable (SENSE) decision., It isn't recommendable (RECOMMEND) to travel without a guide there., After passing the exam, they went off for a celebrative (CELEBRATE) meal., His parents were really supporting (SUPPORT) of him.,




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