serial - a set of broadcasts with the same characters, usually developing one story, episode - a part of a longer story told in a TV or radio show, romcom / sitcom - a funny film about a couple's relationship / amusing situations, starring - the main actors in this movie being..., feature film - a movie that is longer than 90 minutes, current affairs - recent events covered in the news, reviews - written opinions of a cultural event, film, book, etc., coverage - the reporting of an event, blockbuster - a very successful, top-grossing film, educational value - the quality of teaching us something, viewers - the people who watch TV, commercial break - a period when ads are shown before the programme continues, documentary - a programme that gives facts about a subject, live on air - broadcast immediately as it is happening, cliffhanger - a situation that is exciting and dramatic because it's uncertain how it will play out, talent show - a contest where people show off their abilities to win a prize,




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