1) What do children and adults do on Halloween night? a) Stay at home b) Go to the parties c) Eat out d) Cook dinner 2) Bobbing for apples is ... a) A game b) A new show c) A meal d) A masterclass 3) What do people use to take an apple out of the water? a) Hands b) Feet c) Teeth d) Knees 4) What do the Americans use to make a Jack-o-lantern? a) A turnip b) A potato c) A pumpkin d) An apple 5) What date is halloween celebrated? a) 1st of November b) 31st of October c) 30th of October d) 1st of October 6) In which country did Halloween originate? a) Ireland b) The UK c) The USA d) France 7) A pumpkin is ... a) A vegetable b) A berry c) A meat d) A fruit 8) What is another name of Halloween? a) Easter b) Ghosts Eve c) All Hallows Eve d) Christmas 9) What color cat is a symbol of Halloween? a) Red b) Orange c) White d) Black 10) What animals or insects are associated with Halloween? a) Bats b) Wolves c) Foxes d) Spiders




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